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Time to Buy that HD-DVD!

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It is Completely Over for HD-DVD's
Ezekial said:
Came home today after work and found this on my keyboard from my wife :)
present for our anniversary.... and there is another item from 2 years ago anniversary in this pic :D

doing our part to support a discontinued media format :cool:

I must say though, I am completely blown away by the video quality of this HDDVD. Watching it on my 50in plasma reminds me of any recent DVD title upconverted through my player. It's very very good for a movie 40 years old :)

Very nice Anniv. gift. :clap: :clap:

Nice car also in pic. :wink:

I will be waiting !!!!!!!!!

SmokinBullitt said:
It'll be out in June on Blue-ray.
I will be waiting !!!!!!!!!

lunchbox said:
It's out now on Blu-Ray. I picked up mine at BestBuy just a few weeks ago.

Don't expect it to look like a new hi-def movie, but it is an improvement over the DVD version. On a big screen (61") you notice the graininess (?) from it being taken from film. Sound is great, especially the chase.


I really gotta try and make that bigger
Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the Heads-Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be getting it now.

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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