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Tire Pressure FYI

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Last month I had tire disintegrate on me while on the highway in rush hour traffic. When I had the tire replaced I found a nice large screw. So most likely the tire was already low when I got on the highway. After a few yards of running at 70mph and riding on the sidewalls it let go completely.

Anyway while researching the remote tire pressure sensors I was reading how our low profile tires are hard to notice that the tire is low.

To compare I took a pic of the left rear at 32 through 10 psi at 2 psi incruments.

Here is a pic of the 32 and the 10 psi pics. You can see how EASY it would be to hop in your car and just take off with out noticing the low tire.

Seems kind of cheap but the remote tire pressure units run around $280 that I want to get and I can't afford it right now, so I bought the cheap little colored coded tire valve indicators that turn red and yellow when your tire pressure is low. Works for now. Just an FYI.
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Thanks for the info!

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