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I had a very bad feeling this morning when I got in from work. I called up the dealership to get a status on my car. The body shop is done with the scratches and buffs and it's in the bay waiting for the Alarm and undercoat/rustproofing. Well I remember getting my escort done and the fact that they sprayed the S**T out of my engine compartment with this thick, sticky, semi-translucent goop (Rust proofing) and I thought.. they wouldn't do that to the engine compartment of my Bullitt would they?
Well I called and asked and the rep said that that's exactly what they do..
I told him that under no uncertain terms is ANYTHING to be sprayed into the engine compartment, it's clearcoated and I plan on showing this car.. He told me he'd run out there now and make certain that they knew not to.
That was ONE narrowly avoided disaster!
So to anyone getting this package or getting this done Be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the shop KNOWS NOT TO SPRAY THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT!...


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On 2002-08-18 16:02, PaLiAcH wrote:
what the hell is that?? is it for places where there is that stuff called snow??

Hey, I've heard of that stuff. It's like ice cream, right? :lol:
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