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I installed my h-pipe last week, and I really like it. I had the two pipes welded together at a local exhaust shop (he did it for free - pretty cool guy). He said he didn't think I have any exhaust leaks. My question is, only under hard acceleration I hear a noise other than the normal exhaust noise. I don't think its pinging, but I could be wrong. Could the H pipe cause my car to ping? I'm going to try premium next (the noise is still there with 89 octane). I did not have this noise before I put the H pipe on. Maybe this normal w/ the MAC H pipe? I really dont know how to describe the noise. Its not really a hiss. It sounds like its coming from the h pipe area.

2001 DHG Bullitt GT #903
Mac O/R H Pipe, FRP Aluminum Driveshaft, Densecharger, Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter, 35mm H&R Wheel Spacers, MGW stuff, FR500 Steering Wheel, ATS Sequential Tail Lights

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