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To Wolfgang

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Hello my friend, It was just brought to my attn. that I may owe you a "thanks" for the signature picture of Steve McQween that I am currenly using. I cannot honestly remember where I got it, but It probably came from you. Great quality photo. Thank you. By the way I spent a year in Stuttgart Germany. Loved it. Sure miss those scnitzel dinners and warm Pills beers, and the friendly guest houses.
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Not everyone who has lived in Europe is a military brat (excuse the phrase). I lived in The Netherlands just a 1 year ago... and I was not in uniform :wink: I miss Wageningen very much, great village, great pubs, and only a 45 min train ride to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or yes even to that other country.. Germany.

BTW greeting from S'pore the weather is perfect, a hell of a lot better than Bangkok and Finland! Talk about extremes try going from the artic circle to the equator in 20 hours! People were looking at my pretty funny in S'pore wearing a heavy sweater and carrying a heavy coat and scarf :wink:

Oh, yeah .. I think this must be the first true Asia post. Cool, now if I had just owned my Bullitt while I was in SA.
Poor choice of words on my part. I to was in the military, reserves but still military. I was a 54B in the USAR (NBC Spec). I intended no offense and that is why I wrote "no offense" after using the term... lighten up.

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On 2002-03-06 22:49, FASTBULLITT wrote:
llama_boy, Who was a military brat? Every post I read appeared to be people serving their country honorably in the armed services. What was your point in saying that? A military brat, as I know it, basically, is a dependent or a child of a service member who goes where ever their parents go, living on different military bases, as they are raised.
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