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Took a run at a Trans Am

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Heading back to work from lunch I run into a 2000 Trans Am, lowered, very clean, exhaust mods, very sweet ride. We pulled up to the first light together in front of a school and decided not to go for it because of the kids and cops all around. When we get to the next light it was a different story. I pulled up ahead of him at the light and gave it a couple of revs. He pulls up right even with me, and thats when I know we are going for it. We were on Blacow Road in Fremont near the Stevenson intersection and any locals know that heading South in that direction there is about a 3/4 mile section with no stoplights and usually pretty safe for letting loose.

Anyway, light turns green and we both get off about even and then at the 1-2 shift he starts pulling on me hard and has about 3/4 car length lead and then just lets off. All of a sudden I go flying right by him in the 2-3 shift, then let off. I tell you it could have been real ugly. Anyway, he pulls up behind me then turns off a side street, and now I know why. Apparently, there were cops coming up behind us, but not because we were racing, but because there had been a fender bender just down the street. So there I am sweating Bullitts at the stoplight with nowhere to go, and a cops car comes flying up behind, then goes right by.

Anyway, it was fun giving the old Trans Am a shot.

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Looks like you have "silver" bullitt
hope you didnt get the sweat all over those nice leather seats...
Thats not sweat on those seats!!! Some cops have no sense of humor!!!
So tell us......who would have pulled ahead at the next shift?????? Be honest and we will all believe you!
When I said it could have got ugly, I didn't mean it was going to get ugly for him. I meant it was going to be ugly for me. He seemed to grab the 1-2 shift better than me. My 1-2 shift was accompanied by lots of tire squeal. But I tell you something, I bet it caught a lot peoples eye, Pontiac vs. Ford. Oh well, maybe next Ford will be on the winning side of things.

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Don't be so hard on yourself. It may have turned out different had you been able to finish. Who knows, you may have another crack at it with no interruptions.
Hopefully you'll get another chance!
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