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Hubby and I took Bullete downtown for a little toolin tonight-Fri. night. Picture this: Me, 47 and my old man, 62 are driving the strip with windows down, the Mach 460 blaring John Cougar Melencamp. In the next lane over pulls up a 95 GT vert. He wants to play. He never played with a Bullitt before and probably will never again. We pulled over and talked to him later and found out he had a cam in it. He said he didn't think it was possible to get 3rd gear rubber like hubby did. He said we shirped 3rd gear real good! Proud of hubby, I am! Said he couldn't do that. He was about 20.

He was VERY impressed with Bullitt and said he had read all about it as he is an avid Mustang enthusiast. I had a real blast tonight showing off Bullette. If there was a cop there, we would have gotten a reckless driving ticket for sure! :wink:

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