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I went to the world of wheels today in Chicago. I ran into a guy there that used to own the torco oil company and then sold it to a guy in Valpo ... Make a long story short. They say this oil is unbelievable. The Car they had there happened to be a BULLITT , He said he pulled a dyno run with stock FOMOCO 5 w 20 and this is what happened. 4800 rpms , 224.4 HP, 245.3 torque air fuel 12.7 ... NO MODS Then this on torco oil ... 4800 rpms , 236.8 HP 259.1 torque air fuel 12.5 ... They are Hyped on this oil .
They also said the car dynoed about 301 flywheel horsepower before and about 310 after ... Check into it ...

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12.6 hp gain ....

its about 10 bucks a quart but its worth it .. they say its a 24000 mile oil .. just change the filter and add what you lose ... they also sell a fuell additive that adds a few mre horse's to 93 octane ... I am gonna do it 4 SURE

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On 2002-02-03 22:56, bdspony wrote:
I almost forgot ... they also offer a MTF not ATF for a manual transmission ... This place has it together ...


The TR-3650 calls for an ATF. Torco's ATF is MERCON, DEXRON, etc., compliant:

Part #

Quart Bottles (.946L) / 5 Gallon Pails (18.93L) / 55 Gallon Pails (208L)

Smooth clutch lockup
Extreme temperature stability
Reduces transmission temperatures
More power throughput
Longer transmission life
Extended drain intervals

This fully synthetic multifunctional fluid focuses on the increasingly severe operating conditions encountered by both high performance, off highway and highway use.

Recommended for racing transmissions and other applications that are subjected to high loads such as RV's, sport utility vehicles, off-road trucks and tow vehicles.
It is also recommended for use in manual transmissions that require ATF.
Meets or Exceeds: MERCONÒ, DEXRONÒ3, Allison C-4, Mercedes BenzÒ Passenger Car, JaguarÒ, VolvoÒ, SAABÒ, VolkswagonÒ, PorcsheÒ and BMWÒ specifications.

I wouldn't be surprised if Redline, Amsoil, and Torco all use the same synthetic base stock...
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