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I went to see the new Ford line up and I can't believe what I saw.
1. The Mach 1000 in 2002 Mustangs-I only hope the unit I saw with its trunk open was a car show demo unit. The subwoofers took up 1/2 of the trunk and the amp was bolted to the floor. Now I know Mustangs have small trunks but these subwoofers just crossed the line as to what I will put up with.
2. All I have read about 2002 mustangs is about the optional sound system and the interior overhead storage area. Well this thing is about 6" in wide and long and can only hold someones sunglasses.

The wife liked a 35th ann. Z-28 convert-but when I sat in it I nearly hit my head on the top of the windshield-good thing there is lots of rubber moulding-the ricepit sure felt tight compared to a Mustang.

My last thought is with all the SUV's out there-when I sat in a Envoy I couldn't believe the attention to the little details that was in the vehicle. MY guress is that the big three have thier best and brightest peaple working on trucks and not cars.

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I went this weekend and was pretty dissapointed. No Mach 1, even though it has been travelling the circut, and no GT40 prototype. Just 2 hardtops and 2 rags that you can't get near because of all the teenagers playing around inside.
Did check out the LS1's look nice gobs of power, just too much freaking $$
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