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Track Night at Thunderhill

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I've signed up for my very first Track day ...

I'm very, very excited.

I'm hoping it's not too late, that I'm really not too old to start new hobbies :)
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^ he posted above. Inquiring track minded folks wanna know....
How'd you do Treva? The guy's are right this is very addicting. Just ask me.
Man, I deserve 3062 wet lashes with a noodle for not checking back on this thread! I'm so so sorry !!!

I loved it.

Of course, I was the only female, except the instructor who had never actually been to this track before. After the "follow the leader" laps, we had a few "get to know the track" laps ...then we were ready.
Off I go, trying to remember EVERYTHING I was told.
Hit THAT Line, THAT Apex, and of course, the ever famous "point by"
I had to Point-By so many people during that first 20 minute session, I was feeling a little discouraged, but not deflated! I was ready do EVERYTHING better the next time.

Now, did I mention that it was 106 degrees out there in Willows???
Or, that I was the only Mustang? Basically, out of us novices, I had the heaviest car (my very informative instructor informs me)
They were all mostly Miata's, and convertible Miata's !!

Anyway, second session, I vowed not to point-by Anybody! I was totally concentrating on all the corners, and hitting the Apexes and I swear to you ... There was that moment ...that I became One with My Car. There was nothing else in the world except the next corner, the next line... ... ... Until my line of vision lowered to the temperature gauge, and I was shocked into reality.
Drove past the exit, so had to make it around one more time, before pulling off and coasting back to the pit lane ...

She cooled down for about 90 minutes, missed the third and final session ... But I didn't break anything ... And when I pulled onto to the freeway for the 3 hour drive home, I was so proud of her, of what we had just done together...and I knew ....

I was hooked :)
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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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