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This issue has been discussed to exhaustion regarding the relative merits of leaving the system on or turning it off.
Those issues aside, I know there are some of you out there who, because of your driving style or because of the climate in which you live (like me), will only have the T/C on a handful of times a year and the rest of the time are getting tired of turning the T/C off all the time.
After reading Wes' post yesterday I started a hunt on the topic and found a couple interesting things. First, here's a solution to the problem that's a bit above my skill level but may be of interest to some of you: . Then I heard of a guy named Jason Wagar who developed and marketed a system to default the T/C "OFF" for 1999-2000 model Mustangs and I wrote to him at [email protected] . Here was his response today:
"I don't have anything for the 2001's yet. Ford changed the switch and the circuit won't fit inside it anymore. I will let you know when I come up with a reasonable alternative."
I'll keep you all posted should I find more, and if any of you know more info I'd be glad to hear it. Thanks!
NOTE: These systems I'm looking for would automatically turn the T/C OFF upon starting, but the driver could always hit the button to turn the system ON at any point at his/her discretion as usual.

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