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Just to round out this discussion, let me say that I don't agree about the resale value of our Bullits as posted here. The following is my rationale:

a) A dealer isn't going to give a consumer retail value. They will only pay wholesale, or they can't make any profit. They want to turn around and get a few thousand profit on everything they sell, whether it's a Bullitt or a Hyundai. So your Bullitt is definately worth something more than your buyback quotes. Any dealer willing to pay more than you think will only do so on a trade, where they're going to get more profit on the sale of the other car.

b) Don't forget that there are still new Bullitts on the lots. The value of ours cannot ever rise until there are none left to sell new at the dealerships.

c) The remaining Bullitts to sell are at the low end of the demand scale. Those who really wanted Bullitts got them early on, while summer was still upon us. Sports car buyers, in general, don't wait until fall to buy. When they do, they want a super deal. That's one reason (aside from dealer inventory costs) that the price on remaining new Bullitts can be lower than ever. This diminishes the value of any pre-owned Bullitts temporarily.

d) A car is only worth what someone will pay. This can be VERY individual. If mine was totalled today, I would look hard and fast to find one to replace it. I would pay a premium, because I know it's hard to get another like it. I'll pay more when the dealers have fewer of them. But that's me. And if someone asked me to sell mine, I wouldn't want just a couple thousand MORE than I paid for it new ($25K). The amount of my heart I've poured into #2095 is worth more than that to me. Someone would have to offer me $30K or MORE to drive it out of my garage. It's just how I feel. So, the buyer's interests mean everything.

So I really feel like having a Bullitt over the last few months was only smart if you REALLY, REALLY like the car. Otherwise it would have been smarter to wait a while until now, when the demand has dropped. Covering the costs of having any car new is not the way that car investors work. A late model used car is the way to go if you want to turn it over and make money quickly. Late model used Bullitts will hold there value well to the final consumer, I'm sure.

The only other way to turn your Bullitt to gold is to moth-ball it and wait twenty years. And I'm not waiting 'till I'm six feet under to enjoy this ride!

Ask yourself, "What would someone really have to give you to get you to sell?" That's what it's really worth.

Sorry, one more P.S.: When financing rates drop, the value of your house, or car, or anything borrowed actually goes UP. Consumers know they're saving on the interest, so they're willing to spend a little more on the item. That raises it's value. For example: When housing loan rates are higher, the sale price of the houses actually drops, because consumers have to cover the added expense of the loan interest.
DHG #2095

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