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Last night i was bored and i couldn't study. So i decided to drive around on the streets of Boston mainly Comm Ave. just like i always do... Anyhow i bump into this silver trans am. And i was trying to show him that i wanted to race. He kept telling me are you kidding me you have a bullitt that thing pushed like 350 and i was like um its 265-275 somewhere around there. So he became confident and wanted to race. Honestly i can't really tell who won either of the races. I mean we always ended up even at first. when we hit 2nd he would pull away but then at third i would pull away from him and like right when i hit thrid he would slow down each time. And i was like what is this guy doing. Everytime we tried this happened. The fifth time when we were going to race i could see steam coming out of his hood and i told him to pull over and we checked it out. I don't beleive it his car was automatic. But you know what i have to say our cars are much nicer than trans am. Those rims on them are just ugly as hell. My friend says we won he says a race is who is ahead at the end. If there was a light that turned red and he stoppedn or slowed down then i would understand but nothing like that happened. I guess he just didn't have any balls.
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