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trans broken

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well, i got an update from the dealer on my trans......they can not order one from ford because ford will not send them out and the ones that have been installed in the cars at the plant right now are getting removed and taken back to tremec for a new 1-2 shift fork. apparently ford has just put a service bulletin out on it. my dealer now says they are going to only repair the trans instead of replace it because they will not be able to get a new one in soon. i'm not too crazy about it because i think there are some metal pieces bouncing around in the case. i told them i want ot inspect it while it is apart before they put it back in. this could get interesting!!!!!

btw-does anyone know if installing a triax shifter will damage my warranty?
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No, the Tri-Ax will have no effect on your warranty. I put my Email in the other thread.

Ford just sent my dealer a new transmission for my bullit, I didnt want mine rebuilt either. I told them replace or buy back!
So if Motor or Tranny (Driveline) becomes broken, I can say give me new motor or whatever or buy back???

*Sparking ideas*
Picked up my car tonight from the shop, brand new tranny, rear end and air conditioner. Tell you all in a few days if its right or not!
You know its pretty bad when u have to get a new rear end, ac and a transmission in a brand new car ! All I can says and i hope FORD hears this! FORD SUCKS AND SO DOES THERE QUALITY OR LACK OF! This was my first new Ford and it will damn sure be my last!
If this wasnt a limited edition car I would have already drove it up my dealers A$%*!!!!!
And that is that! Thanx Havgun! #1676 At least that is what was on my sticker!
Yeah, its pretty bad alright. As I mentioned before Ford, GM or any other company will not put the best parts in the new car. The replacement part is better quality then the new parts that comes in new cars. Company can not disregared sub-standard parts, they just put in new and see if it will go 3 years or 36,000 miles.
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