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Below is the response from Tremec (ttcautomotive) on the clunking issue that many of us are experiencing and underneath that is my orignal note. Please give me some input on how to respond. I want to keep it friendly. I will post all correspondence between myself and Tremec. Thanks, John.

To: "'[email protected]'"

In regard to the information that was forwarded to this office, I would like
to give to you some information that was given to me by our TR3650
transmission engineer.

The clunk sound in this case is not the transmission. Several times in the
late development of this transmission, we went through the total backlash
measurements to show that the transmission was not the cause. This seems to
be more related with other parts of the car, ie..axle, engine. The one main
thing to remember is that no other noises pertaining to the driveline of the
car has only one chance to enter the vehicle and this is through the floor
board by way of the shifter. Noise will travel and ultimately it ends up
traveling through the transmission and into the car from other points.

I hope that this answers your question and if you have any further question
or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Jon A. Vieth
TTC - Product Line Manager
[email protected]
(419) 470-8203

From: John Lenyszyn [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 10:01 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: TR 3650 Tranny

Hi. I am the proud owner of a 2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt. This would be a
perfect car if it were not for the tranny. I have taken it back to the
dealer several times for clunking. They just tell me this is typical of
this transmission. That's bull. You don't pay $27K for a new car that
has a tranny that clunks. My 94 Mustang GT's T5 never clunked. You guys
need to come clean with Ford and solve this problem regardless of cost. The
message boards are full of Cobra and Bullitt owners complaining about your TR
3650. I would venture to say 2 out of every 3 clunk or have a hard time
shifting from 2nd to 3rd (or both problems). Go to and
check out what people are saying. Also check out the 2001 Cobra forum on . How about posting some explanations on these

John Lenyszyn

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This is not intended to be a flame, but I like the way mine shifts. The factory shifter could use some help of course, but overall mine works just fine. I'm able to make the two/three throw with little difficulty, and the ever so slight clunk has not hindered my ability to squeeze the car for all the performance I can. One thing to keep in mind is in today's automotive market, $27,000 (and also keep in mind, most paid less than $25,000) does not buy anything really special. I like the Bullitt, but it's just a car, and a mass-produced one at that. I owned a 1997 Ford Cobra that sometimes required you to pull forward a bit before you could slip it into reverse. You could bang the shifter all you wanted, but it would not budge. Compared to that, this is sweet.........Good luck with your contacts though.

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I am not hearing any 'clunks' from my transmission, but I do sense some slack in the driveline that I am guessing is in the U-joint/driveshaft/differential area. I only notice when car is in motion, engage clutch, coast for a bit, choose new gear and release clutch. Still not cool, but don't think it's in the Tranny.

I doubt you will get anything but stonewalling from Tremec even if they are at fault. Escalate it through Ford, using the procedures in your manuals, and if that gets nowhere, call your attorney and investigate the Lemon Law procedures in your state.

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the only clunk I get is when I back out of the drive slip it out of reverse and go over that little dip between the drive and the street surface. I beleave it is the cumulative play of the trans, driveshaft and diff. Other than this she scream's to be shifted. Just my 2 cent's.

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Just for the record, mine clunks like a mother, and it sounds like something that you wouldn't accept even on a cheap ass little Hyundai. It clunks when you hit the gas or depress the clutch (sounds like something loose in the drivetrain) and it klunks when you shift from first to second or back (like the tranny itself it loose). I took it to two different dealers and both stated that it was "normal". I then test drove another Bullitt and a Cobra and both did the same thing. I guess Ford considers it normal to sell a car that sounds like a complete piece of crap when shifted!
If your cars don't klunk, then I am happy for you - but consider yourself lucky.

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What he is saying is, I don't know what it is,but no way can it be our trans! Passing the buck or cog! Mine makes a few noises also,mostly when cold. But it still shifts fine,and won't worry much until it fails. What it probally needs is a fine blueprint job,after all it is built in Mexico.

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If the transmission functions well, are they really obligated to track down the source of excessive noise? I'm just pointing out that it's not necessarily a "defect" that the transmission is louder than you wish it was. I don't think mine clunks, but maybe I just have a different threshold for when the noise becomes bothersome. I definitely hear that it is down there. If only we could get a "clunking" and "non-clunking" bullitt together...

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