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Tri-ax shifters or short throw shifters.

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One mod I am considering is a Tri-ax Shifter. I drove my neighbors 2000 GT last Sunday which has a Tri-ax. Nice GT, I liked the short throw shifter, although after shifting with a stock, it took be few tries to get the feel for it, along with his 3.73 gears.
Something I never realized, with a short throw shifter, you have to reach further for the shifter. I was pulling myself up out of the seat to shift. But then again as I’m typing this, I noted he had his seat more reclined than I would have mine. I only moved the seat back but I didn’t adjust the back. I don’t consider myself really tall, 6’1. Is their any one here of my height or higher that’s using a short through shifter, and if you are, are you having to pull your self out of the seat to shift? Or was it just the reclined position of his seat that was making me reach?
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Depends on the car. I "drive laying down like that" in my '94 Cougar, but I can't do that in the Bullitt because of the clutch. I'm 5'10" but drive that way simply because it's safer (further away from the airbag) and more comfortable. (In that car, I don't drive in a way that I can't see the above the steering wheel, but I sit further back and more leaned back than most people would, with the seat height set quite high...)
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