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Wow! Something I just found out tonight what tricks the trip meter can do! A kid I met has a 2001 Mineral Grey GT and we were comparing Mustangs tonight. He said "isn't it neat how the trip meter gives you these functions of the engine and stuff?"

:???: I said, "What?" He said that when you hold the trip meter in for awhile around comes these functions that it does. It gives the engine actual speed and stuff like that. I don't understand anything else that it shows as there are abbreviations for stuff I don't understand. Try it!! Let us know what you find out here. Maybe it is something just the Ford mechanics know about to check on when it is in for servicing, I don't know. It is nowhere in the manual that I can find either.

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I heard about the tricks also, but being the buffoon I am, I don't dare touch it, my VCR doesn't even have time set. Because if I do it will never work right again.
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