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A couple of nights ago I pull up to a stoplight to trun left onto US-287 (main street thru town) north of Old town Fort Collins. A late 1970's Ford Pickup (lifted, big tires) is next to me. Light turns I pull out, nothing exciting, just normal driving. about a half a mile up the road I see headlights coming up fast behind me. it's the truck. Both lanes ahead of me are blocked, so I think to myself "where the h*ll is this guy going?"

Anyway he just pulls over into the turn lane and blows by me and the people in front of me at ~ 80.

There's no way I'm doing that on a street in town.

A little further and he slows down and is in front of me ~ 100 yards. The cars in front of me move and I gun it.

I take him like he's standin still at ~ 95 (I admit, faster than I should go in town).

I just can't figure out some people!
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