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Truly anal about your Bullitt's finish?

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I found this site while trying to determine what spray detailers do/do not contain wax. Alot of great info here. As a side note, if I hadn't already started using Zaino, the comments in the forums here would have convinced me.

Autopia Car Care

I'd venture to guess you can get great info on almost any aspect of cleaning/polishing by searching these forums. The folks here seem to know what they are talking about, and the search is fast. There is also a fair selection of articles.

Of course, I'm still unsure if I'm going to have problems with The Wax Shop's "Slick-Stuff" detailing spray. (Detailing sprays containing wax are said to interact poorly with Zaino Bros products) Anyone happen to know first hand? I ordered some, because I couldn't find a reference to it containing wax anywhere online, but neither did I see any description specifically mentioning that it did not.

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Seems like a great site! Thanks for the post.
Awesome, 1934. Thanks. I've been looking for that type of link for a while.

Keep it shiny!
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