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TSB's for 2003 Expeditions?

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Any of our mechanics here familiar with TSB's...
We have a hum that sounds like tire noise until you start listening closer and it matches up with acceleration and slowing down, not constant like tire noise. Was told it was the bearings in the differential by a buddy who just did some work on it and said it can be expensive. If it is related to the above TSB's, any chance the dealership would cover/knock some off the price to fix it? The truck only has 64,000 miles on it so it hasn't been run to death.
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Have you looked at Ford Truck Enthusiasts site? They have the TSBs and what, how, wherefore and people have posted up about actually doing the work themselves (unlike me). It is a good truck site for Fords for sure. I dunno about your particular instance. But give it check.

Try this link:

Personnally, I think it might be your disks for your brakes, bearings...or something to do with them.
I know it's not the brakes, that is what it was in for when my buddy heard the noise and told me what it was. I will check that site out and see what they say there. Thanks Dave!
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