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I'll be leaving this Wednesday with DHG #621 for the Mid-America Ford and Shelby Meet being held in Tulsa from Thursday June 21 to Sunday June 24. I'm going with the Texas Cobra Club - - so come on out if you can! It's going to be three fun-filled days of road racing at Hallett Motor Circuit, and drag racing in Tulsa (don't know the track yet). Car show on Sunday, host hotel is the Marriott Southern Hills (where the U.S. Open was this past weekend). Beside the Cobras, there will be lots of vintage Ford Mustangs, Shelby Mustangs, Panteras, GT-40s and anything else Ford powered. For a review of last years show go to

Also try -

I'll post a report and pictures when I get back next week!! woo hoo!!

Bob Worley, AKA bwcobra15
DHG #621
D-FW, Texas

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