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This company installs these.

Hellion Turbo kit:


<LI class=tabheader id=tabheader20>Product Reviews<!--sc-caption-start-->Brenspeed/Hellion Turbo Package Features:
All stainless steel construction standard
Turbonetics 62mm turbo standard (capable of supporting 650 hp to the tires, 1 year no fault no hassle warranty)
Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
High Flow Durable Bar and Plate Intercooler
Choice of a catted exhaust system or off road system

Need major power? Our Hellion Turbo kit not only includes the complete hellion turbo system but we also include the other components we use when installing these systems on customers cars. You get the 650 RWHP capable polished turbo system with springs for 5psi, 7psi, 9psi, and shims to hit the 11 psi we run on customers cars (11 psi will make 500+ rwhp 530+ lbs. torque on a stock 05-07 GT). We include the lower boost level springs in this kit for those who want lower power levels (380 rwhp at 5 psi). We also include 39 lb injectors, Ford GT supercar dual pumps, HT0 spark plugs with custom gapping performed by Brenspeed, and our SCT Xcal2 with custom tunes for this system on your Mustang. Brenspeed provides our customers with expert tech support on the products we sell. Because of this we limit our selection of power adders to products we are confident in. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions before you purchase.

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