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Unless you have done a lot of work to your car, the twin 57mm units that come on the BULLITT from the factory are more than plenty. The twin 57 is roughly the equivalent of a single 80mm TB. Save your money for an EH of your intake, I think you'd see some gains there but not by just adding a twin 62mm TB. My $.02.

C&L 80mm MAF
Magnaflow X-Pipe w/CATS
Magnaflow Performance CatBack
JMS Custom Autologic Chip
Steeda Under-drive Pulleys
FRPP Aluminum Drive Shaft
Steeda Tri-Ax with FatKnob
250 RWHP and 294 RWT (SAE corrected)

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Same thoughts here.....In stock form,the Bullitt engine has plenty of intake,I not sure if an Extrude Hone job would really help that much. Would like to see some more bolt-on mods for these cars in the press.......No more superchargers please!!
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