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Uh-Oh... Transmission-O's...

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So a few monthes ago I changed out my tranny fluid and used the Lucas Additive, which is great stuff. But recently I've been getting a grind going into 3rd. I've played around with it and it only happens if I quickly try to get it from 2nd to 3rd. If I shift into neutral for a few seconds then get into 3rd its not there at all. Anyone having or had issues like this? My clutch adjustment seems to be right so the only thing I can think of is maybe the syncho being blown or something to that effect? I don't know much about transmissions, lol.
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When I first got my car I had the same problem. I knew 1st gear synchro was gone but 3rd started to grind also, took it to Ford and they tore down the tranny to find both 1st and 3rd gear synchros were shot. Before I didnt have the 2nd gear crunch everybody talked about, now I do but 1st and 3rd are great lol! Guess I cant have everything! Is it when you are shifting hard at high revs or just when your cruising around town?
Its any time I go from 2nd to 3rd at a normal to quick rate. Rattles the crap outta my hand.
Im having the same problem and i was told it was the syncho.
I wish they would come out with a rebuild for the 3650 that has everything you need like the T5. I did ask D&D a few years ago and they just sold parts or a reman trans. When ever my car needs a clutch, I will pull that peace of $hit trans apart and see WTF. My car I have to shift it very easy. Dont get me wrong it shifts but not to my liking. I am running syncromesh now I would like to try amsoil and see how that works.
Now Lucas is great stuff but its thick so in colder weather it will react slower or take alittle longer to flow. I dont know how cold it gets by you but you may want to run something else in the winter months.
Jagwire540 said:
Its any time I go from 2nd to 3rd at a normal to quick rate. Rattles the crap outta my hand.
Yeah thats the same thing mine used to do, they told me since the guy b4 me had killed the 1st gear syncro that all the metal flakes from the gear grinding were what killed 3rd. Since i got both of them replaced 3rd feels great, just tonight i shifted it hard from 6600 rpm and it felt perfect so sounds like it is the syncro to me! Try the mix everyone is talkin about if you havent already and see if that helps. If not I personally am goin for the t56 conversion kit, u may wanna look into that! Kit 96-04.htm
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