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I would assume this is it! There are owners of '01's, '08 & '09's as well as the new ones in the UK but don't we all frequent Mustang Owners Club GB forum and Facebook as well as Simply Mustangs UK Facebook?

Those places are the best source of info for meetings etc whereas IMBOC is the best place for the specifics of your Bullitt and maybe technical stuff.

We are lucky in the UK that Bullitts are few and far between. I think there may be only a dozen S197's, perhaps the same number of SN95's but there will be quite a few S550's once everyone who has ordered one finally takes delivery. We mustn't forget that there are also a handfull of very good '68 'clone' cars in the UK too!

We need to get our cars together at the Santa Pod meets on the 28th June and 5th July with SMUK and MOCGB respectively.

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