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I had to go into work early today for a meeting, then had about 2 hours to blow before my shift started. About month ago I noticed a DHG Bullitt off the interstate at a small dealership that carries only rare(er, than your average car) or flashy cars. I decided to swing by any no one was there, so I couldnt pop the hood to check out the production #. But, after getting on my hands and knees.....

SLP Longtubes
SLP catted x-pipe
Unknown aftermarket LCA's
Panhard bar
Tokiko 10-way adjustables
MGW shift knob
18 non-Deep dish Bullitt rims wrapped in Nitto 555's

and last, but not least.....a homemade dual ram-air kit! Had an inlet at each fog-light hole and used orange HVAC tubing.

ANYWAY......does this mod list sound familiar to anyone? Just curious if this was a board member that sold their car maybe. Im hoping someone I know buys it up.
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