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Ultimate Mustang hardcover book

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Anyone collecting Bullitt articles, etc. there is a hardcover book out called Ultimate Mustang with the Bullitt in the foreword section and at the end of the book. The book goes through the history of the Mustang with very good photos. Not a whole of alot on the Bullitt, but its in there. Got it as a gift, I think the person picked it up a Nice book. The cover is black with the front grill of what looks like a 66 Mustang of the running horse emblem.

Ultimate Mustang
DK Publishing, Inc.
Patrick Covert w/William Bozgan
First American Edition 2001

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Very nice book!
I have it and study a little bit of it each
time I am on the pot.
I also got the book. It is quite nice, but the research could have been better. He states in the book that 1983 was the first year the 5.0 emblem was used on the Mustang. I actually had a 79 Mustang Ghia with the 302 and it had the 5.0 emblem on it. Also it doesn't even mention the '82 GT, which was the start back to performance on the Mustang. It also had the 5.0 emblem(I owned one of those also). All in all though it is a decent book. I'm sure those of you that are quite versed in the older model Mustangs could also find some errors in this guys book.
Thanks for the mental picture of you sitting on the pot PY!
I also have the book. I got it at a local book store here for $30.00 I think. I study it too, and have learned a lot about the older Mustangs and when body styles changed etc.
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On 2002-01-07 16:29, kfengler wrote:
That's where I get a lot of reading done too!!

After all who's gonna come in and bother you... :-B
I had a 69 Mach1, a 70 and a 72. Those pictures brought back alot of memories...going to junk yards for parts. Swap meets at Englishtown and Carlisle. My Bullitt was originally suppose to be a 69 Mach1. Was hunting around for one of those when the Bullitt was announced. Test drove a black GT first. Couldn't fit but the Bullitt was a gimmie-gimmie, gotta have it, can't do with out. Now I just have to save my duckets for that 69 Mach1 (a red one with a 428CJ).
ditto, my best friend's wife gave it to me as "THEIR" gift to me for Christmas. i've really enjoyed the specs, info, but especially the pictures!!!
i think it's a GREAT book!

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Anyone who reads Scale Auto Magazine will recognise Pat Covert who wrote the Ultimate Mustang Book. He is a legendary car model builder who is very willing to teach his techniques. My only gripe is that he refers to the scoops on the 71-73 Mach 1's as NASA scoops when they are NACA ducts.
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