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I was just wondering about this place, because I saw it in a Mustang magazine. It looked like they had some pretty cool stuff.


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Bullitt717, check out MGW's accessories. Their's are well made and besides, George is one of us.
I bought all my accessories (A/C knobs, door lock pins, power window and door lock buttons, cruise control buttons, clothes hangers, oil cap, headlight knob) from UPR. At the time, I did not know of any others who offered similar items. I am very pleased with the workmanship and quality. Although I have not compared prices between UPR and MGW. I suppose all the things being equal I would I have gone with the best price.

Michael Logan
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Sweet. I'll check out MGW LTD and since he's one of us, of course I'll go there first. I have been a Bullitt owner since June and am overwhelmed at all the stuff you can get. The Bullitt is my first Mustang to ever own.
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