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Valve covers!!

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I hope that by the end of the week I will have a detailed write up with pictures on how to remove the valve covers for powder coat in the 08Archive. I have found that doing a job and taking lots of pictures to use for the Archive in some what a pain in the rear!:lol:

For now 0038 is out of commission waiting on her spiffy new Anthracite powder coated valve covers to be done!:smile:

in case anyone wanted to know here is what the passenger side looks like with no battery, battery box, or valve cover!

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Make sure you cover that up if you're letting it sit. You wouldn't want any debris in your oiling system. Pretty cool though, it'll be interesting to see them when they're back on.
Great shot! Thanx!!

I've been wanting to see how the cam fits over the 3V design. The close-up shot shows how the cam followers atop the valve stem extends the reach of each lobe.
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