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Today our Mustang club got together with the Hot Rod Club, Camaro Club, Cruisers Car Club, etc.--6 clubs in all. Well, the run ended up at the drag strip (it was a surprise ending) and anyone that wanted to run their cars could! No times were kept-it was just for fun.

Bullitt Bill took 5 runs. All were against Camaros except one. The Z28s and SSs. One guy lined up with Bill said, "OH, one I can have a good run with!" But little did he know he was going to get his ass spanked! And he did get his ass spanked! Bill didn't lose a race. He won all 5. Damn!! Now we need a new set of tires! But our good friend Nasty Bob will donate to a good cause. He really is a good friend! Thanks Bob! We expect to see your check in the mail. :lol:

(Bill wasn't having a very good time on the cruise today, I could tell. He told me later that "Who enjoys driving the country going 40 mph when these cars are made to run!" There were over 250 cars all together. But when he took that Bullitt car :bullitt: and lined her up to those Camaros and beat their a##es he was smiling all night long! Just like a little boy in a candy store)!

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