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Stop at my dealer yesterday to pick-up part for my BroncoII
And the salesman saw me,he ask me if I made a decision on the Black Bullitt
I test drove 3 weeks ago (see my post
I sat down and review is last quote. This guys must be crazy now is quote went up $75 a month from is previous one!
Ask him why? (inflation of cost of living maybe!!!) He could not explain it,
but guess what he offered me a deal on a 2002 GT (fully load with MP3 syst.) he just got in
He say he would let me have it for $31400 Canadian but won’t deal me the Bullitt for under $35000 Canadian.
What the [email protected]#$ I know the Bullitt is a much better car but am not that desperate to have a Bullitt
Anyway he just told me I could sell the 99GT and what ever I get more than the buy-back is mine to kept I think I will do that
and wait in march and see if he still as the Bullitt, if not I will wait and see what ford come out as far as
special edition mustang next spring (hope it will be the MACH1)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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