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Vortech Install - DIY???

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Wondering how much of a pain in the rump it is to install a Vortech S/C. Is it a do it yourself project if you have the tools? If so, how long does it take start to finish? Will I lose large amounts of hair? Knuckle skin?? Both??? If anybody can comment, I'd like to know all the gory details.....
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If you are installing the aftercooled system, I would say that moving the battery to the trunk is the most time consuming part. The standard system will be a little scary at the oil drain part, but if you got tools and a little experience besides oil changes, you should be good to go. Allow yourself an entire weekend and also be aware that the car will be down while you wait to get your ECU from us. In addition, we are not open on the weekends for tech help, so if you run into problems you can ask them here or on other sites. (These forums are a great help to all!)
-Steve @ Vortech

2001 GT Vortech Aftercooled System
Bassani X-Pipe Flowmaster Cat-back
Eibach Pro Kit

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