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Well actually it wasn't a race just a comparison.

I have a friend who bought one of the first Stage 3 Roushs made(he also owns a Bullitt, so he's not all bad :smile: ) Anyway, I got the opportunity to drive his Roush when it only had 3 or 400 miles on it. To be honest, neither of us we very impressed, it was kinda lethargic(sp?). Well today was a completely different story. It now has 1500+ miles on it and feels like it's making the power advertised. The blower makes power from pretty much off idle. Stomping on it anywhere from a 5-20 mph roll resulted in massive tire spin, so that's what torque is all about:? It just kept going, every gear any rpm...Yee Haw!

How does this compare to my Vortech'd Bullitt. I still think my car is faster, but you get there in a different way. My car you have to get some RPMs in it to build boost(3000+), luckily the 4.10s allow this quickly. My car is a lot busier under acceleration. And first gear rolls usually do not result in tons of wheel spin, power shifting does though.

Overall, the Roush is a great Mustang(dare I say better than my old Saleen). The yellow color didn't hurt it's attention getting abilities at all either. If you get the chance to beat on a Stage 3 I stongly recommend it.
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