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Want black and gold license plates?

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I was on the DMV website today and saw this:
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Evidently the state has developed this program to get vintage-look plates for any year vehicle. You can get gold/black, black/gold, or blue/gold, personalized or sequential for $50. If the program gets 7500 pre-paid applications before January 2015, the program goes forward. If not, you get your money back, assuming the state hasn't gone broke and spent it by then.

The link is:

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ok, so I want the black and gold for the 08. So do I sequential or personalized? The only idea I have had is "TMBULLT" for my plates. Anyone have any other ideas for 5762?
I put my application in last week . I choose JJZ5762
Any idea when DMV will start issuing these plates ?
Got my notice from DMV that JJZ5762 was approved.
Still no plates for 5762 , what's holding it up?
At the gas station today, guy driving by commented on the B and my retro 60's licencese plates . Too cool !
1 - 10 of 162 Posts
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