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Want black and gold license plates?

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I was on the DMV website today and saw this:
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Evidently the state has developed this program to get vintage-look plates for any year vehicle. You can get gold/black, black/gold, or blue/gold, personalized or sequential for $50. If the program gets 7500 pre-paid applications before January 2015, the program goes forward. If not, you get your money back, assuming the state hasn't gone broke and spent it by then.

The link is:

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Nice find. IMO, beats some of the other special interest designs available in CA.
gonna be a while..

rigsvt said:
I submitted my plate requests back in lat December and still haven't heard anything
Need 7500 preorders before Jan 2015. See first post with link.
Great news! Perhaps DMV meet their quota. What letters or numbers did you pick?
Check cashed by DMV today. Now the wait. Any of you early preregistered receive their plates?
Perhaps in time for the Bullitt Nationals. Fingers crossed.
Similar news radio reports personalized plates in August. Gonna be close for the Nationals.
Got my DMV notice.

Received my notice that I will receive the plate "Bullitt" in 8-12 weeks. I am having mine delivered to my AAA local office and they will call me when they arrive
Same notice. Will pick mine up at the AAA club office.
DMV approved "S197/54B". slash is a half space.
Still waiting. I arranged to have my order sent to local auto club office. Since I moved after placing my order, I fear they are sitting on a shelf. I left a message with them to search for the plates. Fingers crossed.
Birthday gift to self

Picked mine up today.Photie pending.
Saw one legacy plate on a newer model Camero on the morning commute. Letter "B" + 6#s. Don't know what to make. Perhaps his VIN?
order update

Just ordered CA personalized blk & gold legacy plates for my CVPI. DMV clerk said a realistic wait time is 6-8 months!:surprise: Gonna be Christmas in July. Geewhiz with all the fees they tack on, you would expect faster timeline.
1 - 11 of 162 Posts
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