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Want black and gold license plates?

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I was on the DMV website today and saw this:
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Evidently the state has developed this program to get vintage-look plates for any year vehicle. You can get gold/black, black/gold, or blue/gold, personalized or sequential for $50. If the program gets 7500 pre-paid applications before January 2015, the program goes forward. If not, you get your money back, assuming the state hasn't gone broke and spent it by then.

The link is:

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Thank you
Check cashed by DMV today. Now the wait. Any of you early preregistered receive their plates?
Mike, last I saw, they weren't expecting people to start receiving them until May or June.
Latest update from California Department of Motor Vehicles via their Facebook page - Expect issuance in late June of 2015. Allow additional time for personalized plates.

Keeps getting later and later...:frown:
Perhaps in time for the Bullitt Nationals. Fingers crossed.
Just heard a news story on the radio about the plates and in it a DMV spokesman stated that the plates have now begun shipping. :smile:
Similar news radio reports personalized plates in August. Gonna be close for the Nationals.

Classic California License Plates to Hit Streets this Summer

First Set of 1960's Legacy License Plates Mailed

Sacramento – California drivers can relive those nostalgic memories from the 1960's with Legacy License Plates. The black and gold replicas are now available to order for your car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, or trailer. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) mailed out the first set of Legacy License Plates, so expect to see them on our roadways soon.

Currently, the DMV is distributing the sequential versions of the pre-ordered plates, which will be mailed directly to the customers. The personalized plate customers will receive a post card informing them when and where their plates can be picked up. The personalized plates take longer to produce and will hit the streets in August.

Customers picking up personalized Legacy License Plates, are reminded to bring their old license plates and registration card with them.

The plate costs $50 for either the sequential or the personalized plate. The 1960's Legacy License Plate can be ordered online, by mail, or at your local DMV field office or auto club.

According to The LA Times, the reproduction black-and-gold plates are being made from the original molds. They are still being produced by inmates at Folsom Prison, as well. The only major change is that the gold paint for the characters is now reflective.
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THIS is awesome news for you guys :) !!!
THIS is awesome news for you guys :) !!!
I think they'd look great on an '01 too Treva. :smile:
Just received this from DMV yesterday, says mine will be ready for pickup in 8-12 weeks.

Hope the DMV offices are less busy than they were when I went in last month to get Suzanne's GT/CS plated. Due to the crush of applicants for the new undocumented persons driver licenses the wait for an appointment no matter which office I chose was almost 4 weeks! :confused:
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Received my notice that I will receive the plate "Bullitt" in 8-12 weeks. I am having mine delivered to my AAA local office and they will call me when they arrive
Got my DMV notice.

Received my notice that I will receive the plate "Bullitt" in 8-12 weeks. I am having mine delivered to my AAA local office and they will call me when they arrive
Same notice. Will pick mine up at the AAA club office.
Got this notice as well. Also picking them up at the local AAA office.
Mine will read JJZ0253
DMV approved "S197/54B". slash is a half space.
Got my notice from DMV that JJZ5762 was approved.
They're here!!!!

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