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I'm looking for recommendations on a fuel pump for an 01 GT. No, this is not going in my Bullitt, and no, the car that is getting it will not be needing anything more than what stock provides.

I'd rather not go (even though I do work P/T with Advance Auto Parts) the "Local Parts Store" pump. I am looking for a reputable name brand. Or one that someone's taken out to go with a bigger one (IE: S/C, Turbo, Nitrous)

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve. The GT my fiance bought ran fine when we brought it home. First thing I did was chuck a bottle of STP fuel system treatment into it. After the add in, it started "lugging" between 1000-3500 RPM under light load or medium accelerations. Once at 4000 RPM it would clear up. Changed the fuel filter and NASTY is a good way to describe it. HOWEVER, it did clear up some of the problem. Now it's between 100o-2500, but still acts up. I have a set of 19 Lb injectors to go back in (out of a Bullitt before it was Vortech'd).

I'm thinking if the cleaner knocked something loose, it'd be in the tank right now, sucking up against the screen. If I'm going to pull the tank, all new pieces are going in. If that doesn't clear it up, it's new injector time.
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