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Warranty work (ticking!)

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Finally took #196 in for warranty work:

1. Ticking
2. Spotted headlight lenses
3. Spotted instrument cluster lense
4. Carpet detached near dead pedal
5. loose fastener on rear quarter panel


Lenses replaced, carpet glued, fastener replaced. After poking around with a stethoscope looking thing for 45 minutes, the technician concluded the ticking was coming from the catalytic converter. They're ordering a replacement.
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At the dealership this morning, I was standing next to #196 waiting for a service rep when this kid (18-19 years old) starts asking the usual questions about my Bullitt: horsepower? fun to drive? etc. After answering his questions, he replies, "yeah, haven't had a chance to open one of these up yet..." I assumed he was a customer like me, but that comment got me thinking and I had to ask: "uh...which one is yours?" "None of them, I work here."
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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