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Waterspots inside headlight glass.

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I'll be bringing this up at the dealer. I thought it was just a dirty lense until I tried to clean it.

Anyway- just an FYI to look for this sort of thing and get it fixed while the dealer survey is still fresh.


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JayP: That was the first thing we noticed with Bullitt #344 when we took delivery was the stained headlight lense. Ford ordered a new one (passenger side) and the new one came in that way too! So they reordered again and said if the second one came in stained then they would take one off of a GT out in the lot, as all 2001 Mustangs have the blackened lenses. Needless to say, the 2nd one came in clear. A frined of mine has a 2001 GT and he is having Ford order him 2 new lenses as both of his are spotted too.
This was a supplier quality issue. The newer lenses coming in should take care of the problem.
so Ford just puts them on the vehicles anyway?
my dealer ordered me 2 new headlights 3 weeks ago and no sign of anything.
YOU DON"T ACCEPT SUBSTANDARD CRAP FROM SUPPLIERS!! and you DAMN sure don't install it anyway
you know how many Ford customers will not mention the crappy lenses? a fair amount i believe. so those customers got substandard materials and Ford doesn't have to do a damn thing about it.
sorry, but i'm finding more and more "little" things wrong with my Bullitt that could have been avoided with arseembly line employees that gave a crap and any kind of arseembly inspector on the line that actually felt like making things right on my car BEFORE it left the plant.
sorry but i'm getting kind of pissy now. i payed over $27,00.00 for a car that's getting nickle and dimed with warranty issues


2001 Bullitt DHG #648

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i have tried 3 times to "edit" my last post to correct spelling of "assembly" but it will not let me make the correction
So far my issues are minor (not a side-of-the-road-cryin-breakdown issue). There could have been some inspection on the line and even at the dealer!

Expecially with a car like the Bullitt where at least 75% of the buyers are picky. (The other 25% put wings on the Bullitt.)

It could be worse... my Audi A4 was in the shop almost weekly with issues, and several were major, like a cracked head and failed intake hoses.

btw- pretty ironic to misspell a word when you're belly-aching about quality!!

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With #2759, I thought I was pretty lucky. All the lug nuts were tightened down, the c-pillars match, the rockers are right, no dings, scratches, or swirls in the paint. And most importantly, it screams like a Banshee when I stomp the peddle. But then I read this thread and realized, yeah, my lenses are water spotted as well. It's going back to the dealer on Monday. The only way Ford is gonna know, or care for that matter, is if we COMPLAIN :mad: . If they have to do a job twice, it's gonna cost 'em money. There goes those end of the year bonuses.
#208 has the water spotted lenses also.

The list gets longer!

I hope I can maintain a friendly relationship with my dealer. I don't want to be seen as a pain in the a$$, but I dont' want to accept substandard quality either.

Thankfully, the owner of my dealership is a car guy himself so he understands some of the looniness.

The buttheads that put out cars together must be the same buttheads, that can't fix my Tomcats right the first, or second time. And if I get pi-sed and yell at the bone head for not doing their job I get questioned, do you think your a little hard on them?
I tell that right wing liberal punk in Flight suit, it's his choice I yell and the Jet gets fixed or his family gets $250,000.00. His Call!!!!!!
Oh by the way, I'm a MMCPO in the US Navy. That means I stay pis-ed off.
ROFLMHO!! It thought you were saying arse! Way to go Mike! :lol:

See, it spelled a## as arse!

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2095 hasn't seen rain yet, so I don't know what to expect. I guess these weren't ment to to driven unless it's sunny out!
LOL- bob!!
i needed a laugh, i couldn't understand why i could NOT correct it!! i kinda thought i spelled it correctly the 1st time anyway!!!
so i can't say arse?????? ROFL
how funny is that, no matter how i try to spell it with 3 letters(starting with an a snd ending in 2 s's) it come out arse!!
pretty funny

2001 Bullitt DHG #648

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After reading this post I went to look at my headlights. The driver side was fine, but the passenger side had some clear circles(like where water dryed) that were on the inside. Is that what everybody is talking about? I just turned the headlights one, and it is very noticable that they are spotted. Are these problems like scratches, chips, and these waterspots only on bullitts or are they on the v6 and gt's also? Is it under warrenty to get it fixed? I dont want to feel like a pain in the butt going to the dealer and pointing out tiny little things.

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yes, green...that's exactly what we are talking about. they look like stains or waterspots inside the lenses. my drivers side is horrible, the passenger side just has a few.
as to being a pain at the dealer's service dept........ screw that!! i didn't pay $27,000 dollars to get substandard crap installed on my car.

The sooner Ford gets the message that we will NOT tolerate substandard quality, the better. i say evry darn one of us with stained headlights ask for replacements. Ford will get THAT message REAL quick!!!
Hubby was told yesterday that the Ford company was not going to replace our spotted headlights because it was not a safety issue. He went directly to the General Manager of my Ford agency, took him outside and almost jammed the lights down his throat to see what he was talking about. He told him that if these lights belonged to him would he be happy with them? And of course, he said "NO". He is going to take the lenses off of the Bullitt on the showroom floor #38?? and put them in my car on Tues. They were perfect. No spots. Hubby noticed on the lot several other lenses on regular Mustangs and GTs were also spotted. BTW -If anyone buys Black Bullitt #38?? and it has spotted headlights, don't come honkin? :lol:

Vicki & BikerBill

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Will the spots ever go away if you leave it alone, also how did it get there. Why do all of us have them?
No, they won't go away. It was a supplier problem from what I saw posted. Didn't hear how they got spotted. Not all of them are that way, and not just Bullitts are spotted.
Just checking in with my spotted headlight lens. It's only on the passenger side. Fortunately, I'm a manager at a dealership and the service manager has helped me out with everything. He just pulled a clear one off of a 2001 GT for me. There were more problems, but these were all related to the transportation of the car, not the factory. Subsequent Bullitts that we have had in stock have had factory quality issues - body fit and finish mostly.
Just got back from the dealer. They installed the second headlight lens replacement. Second time is a charm. Not one single mark inside the lens. Also replaced the BULLITT lettering. All is well again.

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