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Waterspots inside headlight glass.

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I'll be bringing this up at the dealer. I thought it was just a dirty lense until I tried to clean it.

Anyway- just an FYI to look for this sort of thing and get it fixed while the dealer survey is still fresh.


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I've got a question for everyone that had their headlamps changed, did Ford replace them with the clear or tinted lenses? My dealer tried to replace mine with the clear GT lenses and I told them no way. I said I was just going to wait until Ford fixed the fogging problem and that I wanted the tinted lenses that came with the car. So have the tinted lenses been officially fixed?
Nope. If you look at the pics on page 2 they have a slight tint to them and regular GT lenses are clear.
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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