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Waterspots inside headlight glass.

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I'll be bringing this up at the dealer. I thought it was just a dirty lense until I tried to clean it.

Anyway- just an FYI to look for this sort of thing and get it fixed while the dealer survey is still fresh.


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I got excellent information from site concerning this headlamp problem:

Special Service Message 15283 under category 201200 Exterior Lighting:
"Some 2001 Mustangs built from Job #1 through 081501 may exhibit a fogging condition which is usually described as condensation/waterspotting inside the headlamps. A revised headlamp has been released to service this condition. Part numbers:1R3Z-13008-AC-right lamp and 1R3Z-13008-AD-left headlamp".

Give this information to the dealer service order writer and this will make sure that the replacement headlamps will not have the same trouble.

If there are any questions--email me.

2001 GT Premium
5 speed

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It is my understanding that all 2001+ headlamps are the same--they arent tinted--but that reflector is different--and it is partly black and only the back part of the reflector is chromed.

I got my headlamps replaced under warranty on 111401 and they are beautiful. They are the revised headlamps. The dealer charged Ford more than 520 dollars to do this. It took the service department less than 45 minutes to do it.
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