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I'm afraid you've lost me on the song reference. I'm a fairly old fart (I'll be 49 in October), but the only song I can recall with the phrase "Number 1 with a Bullet" (assuming that's what you're refering to) is Fall Out Boy's recent "Sugar We're Going Down."

BTW, cool burnout! When my wife had her back turned not long ago, I did one with my teenage son in the car that led to a complete 360. But it was after a nice rain, so it was easy. Sadly, I've become too practical anymore to leave that much expensive rubber on the road just for fun. But you should have seen me back in the day, burnin' em off in my '71 Mustang - pedal to the floor, Blue Oyster Cult blarin' from the stereo, Marlboro hangin from my lower lip, tearin' through town with my hair on fire. Ah, memories...
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