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We Have a New Bullitthead. Welcome Ol'Dave

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Hi, my name is Ol'Dave. I just posted for the first time here. Please welcome me to IMBOC!
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Thx guy's. Still kinda feeling my way arround the boards here. Think I already messed up the Garage thingy, but heck, I'm Old anyway. Is there a registry? Glad to be aboard, and Back in Black again. Gave up my 07 Redfire GT for this beauty. Now I'm in stealth mode. Let those FHP Trooper's, try and find me now.........
:cool:Welcome to imboc from Minn.:cool:
:cool: Welcome to IMBOC! :cool:
Hey Dave and welcome to IMBOC from North East Texas!!! Stealth mode is right. Just don't forget to push the stealth button in the center of the dash when you see the FHP.
DavidMidgley said:
:cool: Welcome to IMBOC! :cool:
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Welcome to IMBOC. I'm new here as well. Lots of great info and advice.
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