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We Have a New Bullitthead. Welcome Tx *******

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Hi, my name is Tx *******. I just posted for the first time here. Please welcome me to IMBOC!
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8) Welcome to IMBOC! 8) Mister!
When U.S. Grant was posted in Texas before the Civil War, in a letter he wrote to his wife back east he said.."If I owned Texas and Hell...I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas!". Welcome to the IMBOC
:cool:Welcome to imboc from Minn.:cool:
Welcome from Magnolia "Mister"!!! See the Texas section for Houston area GTG. We're in Northwest Houston this month.
Thanks for the welcome everybody. I'll try to make the GTG if it doesn't rain. Yes I know I'm a wimp :lol:
Welcome to IMBOC and yeah you should join us.

Where in East TX are you?
Welcome to IMBOC! If you get a chance make one of those Texas Meets! NO OTHER location in the country has as many get togethers as they do down there and it is always a great time! I personally could care less what U. S. Grant said about Texas, I can't wait to get back! :smile:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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