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We need a new registered user!!

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I just looked up and saw we have 666 registered users. Not supersticious(?) or anything but let's get another one on there just to be safe! lol
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Oh, that's probably my fault. I just registered today to give grief to my friend who frequents this board. Figures the VW guy would be the 666th.
Vw's will rule the world,but which one,The Underworld?BlackBullitt#1768
If it makes you feel any better...I noticed one guy is registered we actually have 665.

Yeah and I think it's me,
Krankiekat and BullittRocker are one and the same person, Like Clark Kent and Superman...we're just never in the same place at the same time !!! :eek:
Actually, BullittRocker, in looking back over the list, I found several who are registered 666 is really not accurate at all. :smile: I wanted to change my member name from Dona to something more creative...but, I don't want to be registered twice myself.

I'll re-register again if i can be 666. :evil:
Dona: You can always E-mail or Private Message Webmaster and ask him to take off one of your names. He would be glad to! [email protected]

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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