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I went to Orlando tonight to run the car, and once again managed only one pass. This is starting to suck. I have missed the 10PM staging lane close by 5 minutes and tonight 30 seconds. No matter what time I get there, I get one pass. Time to start swapping lanes :smile:

I was expecting some cooler temps, but they did not arrive. It was about 74F and a little humid, but not bad. I threw the K&N in for the heck of it. My one pass was a 14.24 but at 99.55, a 1.1MPH improvement over my best trap speed. 60' was off as well, 2.19. Its hard to see what the track is doing when you only get one run. Tonight it seemed to hook better than other nights, but my launch bogged after a light chirp. Could have come out much harder on this one.

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