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I went to the track today and while doing my first burnout of the day I felt something in the car. Can't describe what but I just felt something. I ran an 11.90 but it didn't feel like a good run, it felt really weak.

On the second run I had problems getting the car to into any gear and it felt real sluggish again. Aborted the run.

Third run I did a good burnout, launched hard 1.59 60ft and again had trouble getting car into gears. I decided to run it out after working in the gears and the car was pulling hard to the left. I pulled it back, got back on the gas and the car pulled HARD left. Again, I aborted the run. Gave up and went home. I'll be taking the car to the wrench this week and hope it's nothing serious.

Oh, at the end of the first run I passed the stripe, lifted and the car kept accelerating. The throttle was stuck WIDE OPEN! Major schphincter spasm for a split second. I hit the clutch and the car was beating off the rev limiter. I turned off the ignition, look down at 125mph and the f%^&**ing floormat caught the pedal. I managed to pull it back, restart the car and stop in time. I am hoping that for the couple seconds of WOT nothing got damaged.

With any luck it's only the clutch
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