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The owner of Blk Sunshine and I went to Sealy, a 1/8th mile track, and had a blast with our car club, which notably, a LS1 TA driver took 3rd, whoopin that ass, and a lot of neat things.

My first run (REMEMBER, THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME RUNNING!!!!) was a horrible well... Let me post them up.

1st run:
dial in- 0.00
Reaction- .9490
60ft.- 2.6806
330ft.- 6.7425
1/8th ET- 10.1095
1/8th Mph- 73.66

2nd and 3rd runs were a lot better.
dial in- 9.70/9.70
reaction- .6175/.5251
60ft.- 2.4566/2.2953
330ft.- 6.3865/6.1682
1/8 ET- 9.7347/9.4757
1/8 MPH- 74.33/74.93

Yea! As soon as I can rally up enough money, I"m going to HRP with Blkshn161 and rock HRP!!!

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Dude! Los was on fire last night! This kid for his FIRST time at a track did great. his qualifing run sucked, but never having been to a track before he did good. just a little nervous. Then i put the pressure on him. I knew he could do btter if someone pushed so....... he qualified at i think around a 10.20 something, so i dialed him in at a 9.70. Sure enough it got him in gear to drive that thing. You did a great job dude. My runs were ok for the night. could have done alot better. no traction, even with DR's. next month will have 26' et drags. should help. anyhow, keep up the good work Los, you'll be outrunning me before long........Hmmm.i need to hury and get those new
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