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What a Ride!!

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As most of us are just getting home from the Legend Live Tour and the Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show, we have yet to fully reflect on the awesome journey we had, the old friends we saw again and the new one's we made. But I can sum it up for our family. What a Ride! Great times culminating in the Engineering Prototype being named Best in Show!!! We have over 600 photos to weed through and many memories to talk about for years to come. It was truly a blast for our entire family and our family just grew by several dozen!
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DavidMidgley said:
I too thought that the 06 Nationals would not be topable. But it was...

I await the agenda for next year's 45th, and am struggling with which destination to attend. Pictures? I've got pictures, but how to post.........hmmmm. I do want to share a couple of these, but which ones:confused:
We have a photobucket site set up for uploading and viewing photos.

Will post up link and password soon.
jimbo020 said:
Still on the road! Just crossed into Utah on 80. Should be home in a couple days. What a great time meeting all of you! I have tons of great pics to pore thru. Hope Paul made it back OK. He is THE MAN bringing the trailer cross country like that. Salute!!
Thanks Jim

Yeah rolled in around 2-2:30 am on Tuesday and have been at work since!

Not gonna lie, it was a little tough at times watching all you guys rolling with the Bullitts but I reminded myself what was in the trailer and what it was going to be like when we unveiled it.

It was worth it!
Bullitt 736 said:
What you did for the unveiling certainly made my day. Thanks buddy! :cool:

I hope I was able to return the favor. :badgrin:
That's how we roll Bro!

and hell yeah!
BULLITT3230 said:
For those who are scratching their heads at the previous posts...

Greg, Paul and I were fortunate enough to go to Dearborn to take delivery of Red...and what a day it was....between the sheer honor of it all, taking Red out on the skid pad for some fun, and being able to ride in the 2013 GT500 on the test track BEFORE the press got their hands on it (launch control...can you say G-force in the seat???).
Charles was unable to go and join in the fun.
As such, we had made the decision that Charles would have the honor to drive Red out of Area 51 hiding at Boys Republic and out onto the field during Shawn's speech.
We had arranged for Chad to ride the last moment there was some confusion as to who was to drive, and who was to ride shotgun.
Paul made it clear Charles was driving.
Not too many people would have the kahonies to tell someone like Chad "No"....
but in Paul's words....friendship comes first...

HoonDog's motto is "All or Nothing!"
And Paul's position at that moment represented everything we stand for...
It's not about the's about the friendships....
Awww shucks Kurt. Thanks for the kind words.
chuckh said:
Not home yet, still on tour, but dito for all the prior comments, and what is this work thing
Hey suck!
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