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what do u guys and girls think about droppin the 5.4 in our bullitts

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is it possible to drop the cobra r 5.4 into our bullitts. if so how much would it be? and how fast would it be?
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Norman, You're talking big bucks here I think. First off, where are you going to get a Cobr R engine? They only made 300 of them.... :smile:

You would have to change the suspension to independant or you would have no control over the vehicle. You would have to change over the exhaust system. The drive line would have to be changed. You would have to get a Cobra R hood so it would fit over the engine. The brakes would have to be changed as the Bullitt brakes wouldn't be enough to stop it with. (The R has special brakes). You would have to change over to a 6-speed transmission.

There is so much hp to the wheels in the R that you really have to pay attention or you would lose it in a minute!

They started out with a 6 cylinder Ford Mustang at SVT. And by the time they finished with all the "goodies", it was around $65,000.

Norman, you asked! You got me started on the R..... :grin:

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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